Is Your Dog Scared Of The Vacuum Cleaner?

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Is Your Dog Scared Of The Vacuum Cleaner?

Noises from Common Household Appliances May Be Making Pets Anxious

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of California-Davies revealed noises caused by common household appliances may trigger anxiety among pets. In particular, the researchers named high-frequency, intermittent noises as a possible cause of anxiety among pets within the home.

It’s well-known that loud noises can be distressing for pets. Thunderstorms and fireworks, for example, may cause dogs to run away and hide. As such, many pet owners try to establish their homes as safe spaces for their pets, especially during severe weather conditions and holiday celebrations.

However, as reported by KFOR-TV, the noises coming from appliances like vacuum cleaners, smoke detectors or even microwave ovens can trigger stress among animal companions.

Dogs who are experiencing high levels of anxiety may tremble or run away, which can be clear signs of distress to their owners. However, they may also exhibit more subtle signs of stress that their owners can miss out on. These include panting, licking their lips, turning their head away from the source of the noise, turning their ears back, dropping their heads low or becoming tense and stiff.

Unfortunately, many pet parents have a hard time noticing signs of stress and anxiety among their furred family members. The inability to properly recognize these signs can lead pet parents to think that their dogs are merely being playful rather than scared or anxious.

Managing Anxiety in Dogs

Electrical appliances are a staple in modern homes, but pet parents can still take steps to enjoy modern conveniences while keeping their pets comfortable. Pet parents can start by ensuring proper maintenance of appliances. The batteries in smoke detectors, for example, should be changed whenever they run out of power. Also, pet parents can remove their pets from the areas of the home where high-frequency noises are often present.

Engaging in enough physical activity can also relieve stress for pets, so pet owners should make an effort to walk and play with their dogs regularly. In case they run into any sources of loud or high-frequency sounds, they should make sure that their pets have their custom dog collars on to prevent them from running away. Pet owners can also calm down anxious pups by providing comfort items such as personalized dog blankets and their fur babies’ favorite custom plush toys.

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