How To Turn Your Pooch Into A Pet Influencer

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How To Turn Your Pooch Into A Pet Influencer

There is no doubt that adorable pets dominate the Internet. With pet content being a constant favorite for memes and videos, you might want to join the trend and turn your beloved furbaby into the next social media superstar.

Perhaps they know how to do tricks or have a funny personality that sets them apart. Or maybe you just want to show off how irresistibly cute your beloved pup is. Whatever distinct features or talents your pooch might have, it can be a fun idea to share it with the world and make your dog internet famous. 

Being a pet influencer can come with a few benefits aside from brightening up social media timelines. You can sharpen your creativity with each post you make. Taking photos and videos with your dog may also help to deepen your bond as you spend more time with them. You and your pet may even get a chance to partner with brands and get free pet products. And if your dog becomes an Internet sensation, being a pet influencer may be a good source of income that can help you care for your pet.

If you want to reap the benefits above, read on to start your journey as a pet influencer.

Build Your Pet’s Internet Identity

Does your dog have a weird sleeping pose? Or maybe your pooch loves to wear customizable branded dog bowties? Whatever quirky characteristic your pet has, make it a part of their Internet identity and branding. People love pets with unique personalities and this helps them to stand out from other pet influencers. 

To solidify your pet’s branding, add it to their username or display name. Try to be creative when coming up with usernames, and use alliteration or puns. For example, if your dog is always wearing bowties and their name is Billie, you can use “bowtiebillie” for a username. 

Choose a Voice for Your Account

You can choose to give your pet a “voice” when you create their social media account. Doing so will mean you’ll be posting captions and replying to comments as if you were your pet. Is your fur baby posh and preppy? Do they like to use a lot of emojis and don’t use proper capitalization? If your pet has a noteworthy way of “addressing” their followers, they’ll be able to set themselves apart from other pet influencers. 

You can also choose to manage the account and speak as yourself when describing your pooch in your posts. This voice will allow you to build a community with other pet parents and your followers, where you can share tips and swap pet stories in the comments. 

Whatever voice you choose, the key is to stay consistent. Shifting voices can confuse followers and discourage them from engaging with your account.   

Create Quality and Original Content 

Post high-quality images and videos as much as possible. You don't even need fancy cameras or expensive editing software. Most pet influencers started creating and still make content using their phones.

You can also implement a few simple photography tips to create great-looking content. Good lighting will immediately enhance the quality of your phone photos and videos so try taking them outdoors or close to windows with lots of sunlight. Editing the presets, such as brightness or contrast, can also make your content look nicer on your profile. If the problem is keeping your dog still for a photo, you can reward them with treats or dog toys to encourage them to stay still.

Come up with original content that will best highlight your dog’s individuality. You can use props like dog hats or dog ties, or other pet apparel and accessories to highlight your dog’s personality and make your content more fun.

Post Content Regularly

A dynamic social media account will engage more viewers so strive to have a fixed posting schedule. Post at least once a day for five days a week if you want to quickly grow your pet’s account. Your consistent posting can encourage your audience to follow you as you’ll have something new for them to see every day. 

Switching up the kind of content you post daily can also help you gain new followers. For example, you can post a well-styled photo of your dog posing with their hat or tie. The next day, upload behind-the-scenes footage of your dog refusing to sit still or knocking off the accessory as you struggle to take the previously posted image. The contrast of the beautiful photo with the humorous video can help your dog get noticed on the internet. 

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are a great way to get discovered by other people. If you’ve just started the account and have few followers, you can use popular hashtags to expand your reach. You can also use multiple hashtags to attract different kinds of followers such as fans of certain dog breeds or pet lovers in your area.  

In addition, you can come up with a unique hashtag for your pet’s posts to help new followers find your content or specific posts in your account. Going back to the example of Bowtie Billie, if you’re using a posh and preppy voice for your dog, you can use the hashtag “#BillieReckons.”

Interact with Known Pet Accounts

Many famous and reputable pet social media accounts repost or highlight the content of other pet influencers. Doing so allows their followers to see new pet influencers they might be interested in. Engage with these accounts and be active in their communities to show you are friendly. However, make sure these accounts credit and mention pet influencer accounts properly, otherwise they’re just stealing content. If you have a watermark or signature on your content, these accounts shouldn’t be cropping that out. 

Connect with Your Followers 

Interact with your followers as much as you can. Reply to their comments and messages, follow them back and more. Your pet’s friendliness online will make them a desirable pet influencer to follow. You can also invite people to come to your pet’s account for advice. If you’re using your pet’s voice, your replies to your followers can help brighten up their day. Doing so improves the reputation of your pet and makes their account worthy of a follow. 

As an aspiring pet influencer, you may not garner much notice or followers immediately. It can be difficult to gain traction and following, especially when you have lots of competition. However, stay consistent and stick to the guide above, and you’ll slowly but surely help your pet achieve influencer status.  

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