How to Keep Your Pup Comfy and Cool on Hot Days

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How to Keep Your Pup Comfy and Cool on Hot Days

Many dog parents enjoy spending time with their precious pup outdoors, whether it is playing in the park or walking around the block. However, being out on hot sunny days for too long can be dangerous for your pet. They can get dehydrated and suffer from overheating or heat stroke.

To prevent your dog from getting seriously ill, here are some ways to keep your pup comfy and cool during hot weather. 

Keep Pets in Shaded Areas

Every time you are outdoors with your dog, make sure there is a shaded space they can stay and rest in. Under a tree or any covered place where there is an unobstructed airflow works best to help your furry friend cool down. Also, keep in mind you need to keep them protected while having fun under the sun. 

Since dogs’ eyes are sensitive to light, the bright rays of the sun can harm their eyesight. To protect their eyes, make your pet wear dog hats or caps. Dog caps protect your pup’s eyes from bright light and the glare of the sun, which helps to preserve your dog’s vision for as long as possible. If you want something unique, you can get customizable canine caps in your favorite colors and designs. Letting your dog wear dog hats also helps them stand out from other canines.

Always Have Clean Water Ready

Dogs can get dehydrated very quickly, especially on a hot summer day. Whether they are outside or indoors, make sure they have access to fresh clean water at all times. If you are taking them on an outdoor adventure, bring a bottle of clean water and a portable dog bowl they can drink from. Bringing your own water and dog bowl reduces the risk of your pup getting infected with parasites and diseases that can be found in communal water bowls or fountains. In case the weather is extremely hot, put some ice into your dog’s water to help them cool down quickly. 

Protect Your Dog’s Skin

Trim your dog’s hair once it  becomes too long or heavy so that they can feel cooler and you can avoid a matted coat. But never shave off all the hair. Completely removing all of your dog’s coat makes them more likely to experience overheating and sunburn. 

If your dog has a light-colored or a thin coat, you need to take extra precautions as they are more at risk of sunburn. Apply specially-formulated canine sunscreens or make them wear protective dog shirts to avoid getting sunburn.  

Let Certain Dog Breeds Stay Indoors

Dog breeds with flat faces like pugs and bulldogs are more likely to suffer from heatstroke because they can’t pant as effectively as other breeds. Panting is how dogs release the heat from their bodies, allowing them to cool down. When they pant, the moisture from their lungs evaporates.

It is best for short-snouted breeds, along with older and overweight dogs, to stay indoors during extremely hot days. Keep them in a cool space like an air-conditioned room to prevent heat strokes.

NEVER Leave Your Dog Alone Inside a Parked Vehicle

Even for a minute, you should NEVER leave your pup unattended inside a car because it can lead to a fatal heatstroke. The temperature inside a car can rapidly increase to dangerous levels, especially on a warm day. When the outside weather is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, for instance, the temperature inside a vehicle with its windows slightly open can easily rise to 102 degrees within 10 minutes. And after 30 minutes, the temperature can go up to 120 degrees. If your dog is left inside the car in such a condition, they can suffer severe organ damage, which can lead to death.

Pay Attention to Signs of Heatstroke

When your dog stays out too long on hot days, the risk of heatstroke also increases so make sure to watch out for common signs or symptoms. These can include glazed eyes, heavy panting, a rapid heartbeat, excessive thirst, fever, vomiting, and loss of consciousness.

If you notice your canine companion exhibiting any of these symptoms, immediately take them to a cool shaded area or an air-conditioned room. Apply cold compress or towels soaked in cold water on their head, neck, and chest. Let them drink small amounts of water or lick an ice cube. Don’t place your dog directly into ice-cold water or give them too much water to drink because they can go into shock. Once your pup’s breathing has settled and they have cooled down, take them to the veterinarian right away.

Playing outdoors on a bright sunny day is a fun way to spend time with your beloved canine. But being out too long during hot days can also be dangerous for your pet. Their vision can get damaged, their skin can get sunburned, or they can suffer from overheating. To ensure you and your pup still have fun under the sun, take the necessary precautions like making sure they stay hydrated and stay out of direct heat. This way, your outdoor trip won’t lead to an emergency visit to the vet.