How To Entertain Your Dog During Coronavirus Lockdown

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How To Entertain Your Dog During Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many states to recommend all non-essential businesses shut down, schools and colleges are closed and many employees are finding themselves working from home. Not having to commute is a welcome change for many, but this is a stressful time -- there is no doubt about that. 

Now that you’re staying home, your dog and cat are probably wondering, “Why don’t I have the house to myself like I usually do?” “Why are you still here?”

Our pets become accustomed to our routines and those might include: 

1.  Taking a walk before you leave

2.  Getting a tasty treat

3.  A day spent in a comfy crate or having the run of the empty house 

How To Entertain Your Dog During The Coronavirus Lockdown 

You’re home and their routines are upended. It may not seem like much, but our pets are creatures of habit. Believe us when we say, our pets will quickly adapt and they’d much prefer you being home with them all day. We have put together a list of ways to entertain your dogs (and cats) at home. 

Even though you’re home, you may be telecommuting and that could mean you need quiet time for phone calls with the boss, client calls or video chats with co-workers. What can you do if Fluffy or Fido start barking or meowing or asking to go out when you’re in the midst of an important can’t-miss call? 

Bring on the toys. If you have a houseful of toys -- and what pet parent doesn’t -- pack some of them up and bring out a few at a time. When you do that the toys will seem new to your dog and are likely to pique his interest. 

The same goes for your cats. Bring out or give them new toys and keep them entertained. Believe us, a cat can disrupt a meeting -- not as fully as a dog, but it is a disruption nonetheless. Sprinkle catnip on scratching posts and let the kitties go wild. 

Take a walk. Social distancing may be requiring you to stay at home, but that doesn’t preclude you from taking your dog for a walk. In fact, getting out and getting fresh air may be the best medicine for isolation. 

Avoid dog parks or crowded areas. If you come across a fellow pet parent out on a walk, give each other a wide berth, but share a smile and a “hello!” 

Turn on the television. There is a channel, DOGTV, that has programming specifically designed for dogs and offers relaxation, stimulation and exposure programs. They are currently offering a free month of programming for all the newly remote workers who are looking for ways to entertain their pups. 

Your dog may be comforted and entertained or relaxed if you turn on the television or radio while you’re on an important call. 

Take a break. If you’ve been working and your dog has been staring longingly at you, take a break and give him some belly rubs. Take some time to snuggle on the couch or roll around on the floor. This is a new world for your dog -- you being home every day -- so make the most of it. Strengthen your bond with your pup. Soon enough, work and life will be back to normal and you will miss the times home with your pup. 

What are your favorite ways to entertain your dog? Join our PrideBites Pack and share a photo of you and your dog(s) there! 

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