How Tech Is Changing Sales In The Pet World

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How Tech Is Changing Sales In The Pet World

From smart homes to smart cars to smart dogs! Well, we know

our dogs are smart, right? Of that there is no doubt but have you ever wondered how tech is changing the pet world? 

So many smart technologies are moving into our pets' lives just as they continue to move into ours. We can track our dogs with GPS, we can feed them treats when we aren't home, we can track our walks with them and more. 

How Tech Is Changing The Pet World 

Here are some of the benefits to tech and our pets 

1. We can get social. Want to find a friend to meet at the dog park? There is an app for that and there are sites such as Meet Up and even Facebook Groups to help you connect with dog friends or breed-specific friends. 

2. Travel made easier. As many pet parents travel with their furbabies, they need to find places in which to stay with them. Search hotel or campground apps or even AirBnB apps and sites to make certain your pet is welcome before you hit the road. 

3. Digitized healthcare records. Whether you're cross town or across the country, if a medical emergency befalls your pet and you aren't close to your regular veterinarian, having digitized healthcare records will help assure your dog is properly and quickly treated -- no more waiting for vaccination records. 

4. Fitness apps. There are apps that not only track how many miles you're walking with your dog, but some apps help you earn money for your local rescue or shelter. 

5. Safety and security. If you're leaving your beloved furbabies home alone while you run errands or go to work, you can turn on the webcam or pet-centric camera and not only keep an eye on your pets, but you can talk with them. Some devices have an option to dispense treats to your dog while you're away. 

6. Be reunited with your pet. A pet gone missing is a pet parent's nightmare. You can have your pet microchipped, invest in a collar that has a GPS locator on it or use a combination to help assure you and your pet are reunited if he gets lost. 

What is your favorite pet tech? Why do you love it? 

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