Here’s How Pet Parents Can Celebrate National Pet Day

Here’s How Pet Parents Can Celebrate National Pet Day

April 11 was National Pet Day, but that doesn’t mean pet parents can’t celebrate the occasion all week long – in fact, every day! Established in 2006 by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige, this special day highlights the joy pets bring into their owners’ lives. At the same time, it was also created to raise public awareness regarding the needs of shelter animals.

If you have furry friends of your own, you can show your appreciation for them in a number of ways.

1.  Spoil your fur babies with special gifts such as cute plush toys, comfy pet beds, or custom dog treat bags.

2.  Spend quality time with them at home or take them to a pet-friendly hotel for a staycation.

3.  Bring your pup along on a hiking trip. Just make sure to keep social distancing measures in mind if you plan on going outside for extended periods.

National Pet Day is also the perfect opportunity to check in on your pet’s health. Pet parents should take their pets to the veterinarian's at least annual for a check up to catch any potential health problems before they can worsen. He also advises owners to routinely inspect and clean their pet’s teeth to keep dental issues at bay. Additionally, he stresses that pets should get regular exercise.

Another way to celebrate National Pet Day is to support a local animal shelter. You can sponsor a pet, sign up as a volunteer, start a fundraiser, or foster a pet. If you own a pet-related business, you can donate items such as wholesale dog beds and customizable dog collars, to name a few. You can also propose a collaborative event to help promote the shelter and its objectives.

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