Guilford County Opens State-of-the-Art Animal Shelter

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Guilford County Opens State-of-the-Art Animal Shelter

Guilford County in North Carolina is opening an animal shelter in November.

Found at 980 Guilford College Road, the new structure for the Guilford County Animal Services (GCAS) will feature six wings. The new structure is designed to make it easier for the animal shelter to manage the adoption of healthy animals and the care of injured or sick animals.

According to Yahoo! News, three of the wings in the new structure will be used for adoption efforts, while the remaining wings will be dedicated to the care of strays. Each wing features its own HVAC system, a move that will effectively reduce the transmission of airborne diseases and make it easier for the facility to quarantine animals that have been affected by highly infectious diseases, such as parvo or distemper.

Among the new structure’s facilities are a spay and neuter suite, surgery prep areas and a veterinary ICU. It also has indoor and outdoor kennels and playgroup areas for cats and dogs—facilities that are aimed to improve the animals’ socialization skills.

From the moment the animals arrive at the new shelter, they are held in a climate-controlled receiving area. The facility is designed to accommodate 550 animals and can offer assistance to neighboring counties and in cases of disaster or emergency.

The only public shelter in Guilford County, GCAS cares for lost, abandoned and surrendered animals in its community. Currently, the animal shelter has a facility at 4525 W. Wendover Avenue where it cares for dogs, cats and other pets. 

A Pet is a Lifetime Responsibility

GCAS is dedicated to treating animals with curable illnesses and preparing them for adoption. It has a 97 percent success rate in placing dogs in new homes and a 78 percent success rate in cats. People are interested in adopting or surrendering their pets must make a reservation before visiting the new GCAS facility.

Interested adopters must be prepared to take on a lifetime of companionship and responsibility when they adopt a dog, cat or other pet from a shelter. This means purchasing the supplies and pet merchandise that their furry friends will use, such as customizable dog collars and leashes. Adopters must also be prepared for their pet's veterinary expenses.

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