Dogs Playing for Life Holds Training Presentation on the Importance of Playtime at Sumter County Animal Services

Dogs Playing for Life Holds Training Presentation on the Importance of Playtime at Sumter County Animal Services

This month of October 2023, the shelter dog advocacy group Dogs Playing for Life (DPFL) has conducted a three-day training program for employees and volunteers at Sumter County Animal Services. The program, which focused on improving quality of life for shelter animals through regular playtime, consisted both of classroom-style information sessions and hands-on training with Sumter County’s own shelter dogs. Participants had the chance to familiarize themselves with the play preferences of various dogs, as well as identify which dogs could perform special functions such as greeting other animals entering the play yard.

According to a news item posted on the county website, Assistant Administrator Stephen Kennedy was inspired to bring DPFL to Sumter County after a presentation by the organization’s founder, Aimee Sadler. Kennedy said the presentation in question emphasized the inherently stressful nature of shelter life for most animals. By implementing structured initiatives to prevent and alleviate this distress, shelter staff can nurture their animals’ physical and mental health—and, in the long run, boost their adoptability.

Sumter County Animal Services also wishes to emphasize that they have many dogs and cats still in need of adopters or fosters. Interested parties can visit for more information, or visit the organization at 819 CR 529 in Lake Panasoffkee, between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

Meeting Your Dog’s Play and Exercise Needs

Physical and mental stimulation are just as important for a dog’s well-being as food and shelter. Thus, it’s critical for any pet owner to make sure that their dog gets enough regular play and exercise to stay happy and healthy. Invest in custom martingale collars and durable leashes for everyday walks. Custom plush toys, interactive puzzle toys, and even an old-fashioned tennis ball will also work great for playtime at home.

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