City Dogs Utilizes Yard Signs to Attract Potential Pet Adopters in Innovative New Marketing Campaign

City Dogs Utilizes Yard Signs to Attract Potential Pet Adopters in Innovative New Marketing Campaign
Overcrowding is a long-standing problem at animal rescue organizations and shelters throughout the United States, with many shelter typically taking in more pets than they’re able to adopt out. Fortunately, Cleveland-based organization City Dogs is pioneering a groundbreaking new marketing campaign aimed at connecting shelter animals in foster care with permanent adopters. The campaign involves placing yard signs outside the homes of current fosters, which read, “An adoptable City Dog lives here!” Each sign comes with a QR code and an information sheet by which potential adopters can learn more about the animal.
City Dogs is the official adoption volunteer program for Cleveland Animal Care and Control. The initial concept for the campaign came from a brainstorming session on effective ways to get the word out about foster dogs, Beth Heffner, City Dogs’ chair of fundraising and events, tells WKYC. The aim is to connect interested adopters directly with the dogs and their foster parents in the hope of finding a good match. Megan Nyerges, one of City Dogs’ active fosters, also shares that the signs are highly effective in her neighborhood, which gets a lot of foot traffic.
Right now, City Dogs is currently on the lookout for more fosters to help improve their shelter dogs’ quality of life while they wait for their forever homes. You can learn more about fostering with the organization here.
Consider Fostering a Rescue Dog to Support Your Local Animal Shelters
If you have the resources and space for it, fostering is one of the best ways to assist your local animal shelter or rescue organization. It’s also relatively simple to prepare your home for welcoming a foster dog. Start by investing in some basic pet supplies like dog collars, leashes, custom dog beds, blankets, poop bags, and food and water bowls. You’ll also want to set up a dedicated crate or pen for your foster dog in a quiet area of the house, so that your new friend has a safe space to relax in while they get used to their new environment.
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