Celebrate National Pet Day with Your Animal Companion

Celebrate National Pet Day with Your Animal Companion

April 11 is National Pet Day, and it’s the perfect date to celebrate the furred, feathered, or scaled animals that are inseparable members of many families. According to Fremont News Messenger, the celebration was founded by pet lifestyle expert Coleen Paige. The occasion is meant to inspire pet parents to spend quality time with their animal companions. At the same time, it aims to bring attention to animals that currently live in shelters and are in need of loving families and forever homes.


While this special date falls on a Tuesday, there’s no reason for pet parents to hold back on celebrating throughout the week. Many publications in and out of the US have shared suggestions on how to mark the date and show pets just how much their presence is appreciated. Among the most common suggestions are visiting the dog park, hosting pet parties with other pet owners, and doing photoshoots that showcase human bonds with pets.


Showing Appreciation to Pets and Animals Who Are Waiting for Their Forever Homes


As a pet owner, you can also celebrate the spirit of National Pet Day not only on the day itself, but all year round. Consider dedicating your time and effort to activities that will benefit your local shelter and the animals that they care for. For instance, you can volunteer to walk dogs or interact with cats that are still waiting for adopters. Shelters will appreciate these efforts no matter the time of year, given that they have a constant need for volunteers and support from the local community. 


It’s always an option to show pets like dogs how much you care for them by giving them custom dog toys and other custom dog items. If you have free time over the weekend, you can also plan special activities like spending lunch time at a pet-friendly restaurant near you or going on a picnic with your pet. If you’re a business owner, consider catering to pet owners who want to mark this special occasion by placing merchandise such as dog leashes and beds at the front and center of your shop. 


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