Canines In Couture Strut Their Stuff In Florida

Canines In Couture Strut Their Stuff In Florida

Clothed canines took over the catwalk in Palm City, Florida, to support the Canine Rescue in North Augusta, South Carolina.

Donning custom-designed clothes, the fashionable pups and their owners wowed the crowd at the G Girl Productions 2021 Homecoming Dance and Charm School Graduation held in Monarch Country Club in November.

The event, which was covered and extensively photographed by TCPalm, was attended by year-round and seasonal Florida residents and their canine companions.

The dogs and their humans weren’t there just to have fun; the fashion show was professionally judged, and there were required attires for each runway event. Fur parents were also requested to wear cocktail attire. Aside from showcasing canines in couture, the annual event also featured raffles and a live auction.

The beneficiary of the fashion show, Canine Rescue, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue that operates in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. The small rescue operates by pulling dogs from kill shelters in its area of operation and giving puppy mill survivors a second chance at life.

Dressing Up Your Dogs

Not all dogs are amenable to wearing clothes and other types of custom dog items. Some pets tolerate it more than others, though it’s also possible to help your dog get used to the idea of donning clothes and accessories even for just a short time.

When putting clothes on your dog, watch out if the pup shows any signs of discomfort. Also check the clothes for small parts, such as detachable buttons or loose threads, that may become health hazards for your pet.

If your pup will be modeling at a fashion show for canines, it’s a good idea to keep your pet in a custom dog collar and leash so that they won’t get lost in an unfamiliar location. Before the show itself, train your dog to wear their assigned outfits so that your pet can be in the best mood during their runway moment.

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