Battery Park City Reaps the Benefits of Composting Dog Poop

Battery Park City Reaps the Benefits of Composting Dog Poop

In an effort to turn a common waste material into a necessary resource, Battery Park City in New York is spearheading a project that composts dog poop.

As reported by Fox 5, the project first started in 2019 after the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) set up composting bins specifically for dog poop in its dog run areas.

Pet owners in Battery Park City who wish to participate in this initiative have to switch to using newspapers in lieu of plastic bags to scoop up their canine companion’s feces. They also have the option to use the poop scoopers that are provided in the receptacle.

At the end of every day, the contents of the poop containers are collected and then taken to an onsite composting facility where they are processed. The resulting compost is then tested for safety and used to fertilize the open green spaces at Battery Park City. It’s worth noting, however, that dog poop compost will not be used in playgrounds and other facilities that host plenty of human activities.

So far, the city’s consistent efforts and the active participation of its residents have worked together in turning the project into a resounding success. It’s estimated that this ongoing composting project has led to the proper disposal of more than 5,700 pounds of dog poop since the campaign’s launch. Battery Park City shows that this kind of initiative is possible for other communities and cities to accomplish.

Managing Dog Poop Properly

Dogs often do their business during their daily walks, and dog owners should respond to this action properly by cleaning up after their pets. While the option to turn pet poop into compost is not readily available everywhere, it’s still important to dispose of your pet’s poop by putting it in an appropriate poop bag and waste basket. Among others, this action helps prevent the spread of diseases and parasites within the pets in the community.

If you’re the owner of a business that specializes in pet supplies, you can also support responsible pet owners who want to dispose of their pet waste properly by selling quality and customized dog poop bags and dog poop bag holders among your repertoire of pet merchandise. These products will make it easier for pet owners to do right by their canine companions and the community at large.


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