Anne Arundel County Seeks to Mitigate Shelter Overcrowding by Offering Free Pet Adoptions

Anne Arundel County Seeks to Mitigate Shelter Overcrowding by Offering Free Pet Adoptions

The Anne Arundel County Police Department reported on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, that the Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control (AACACC) in Millersville will be temporarily waiving all adoption fees for a limited time in order to deal with shelter overcapacity. These fees usually come out to around USD 17 for dog adoptions and USD 14 for cat adoptions. However, the AACACC clarified that potential adopters must still comply with the shelter’s adoption requirements.

According to CBS News, potential adopters can view photos of all available animals on the AACACC website. All adoptable animals have been vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. Approved adopters can visit the shelter anytime to meet the individual animals they’re interested in and begin formalizing the adoption process.

The AACACC also encourages local pet lovers to consider fostering a cat or dog if they’re currently unable to adopt. Fostering helps free up space in the shelter for incoming animals and ensures comfortable living conditions for all shelter dogs and cats.

Why Aspiring Pet Parents Should Consider Shelter Animals

Overcrowding is a common problem at animal shelters nationwide, making it all the more urgent for aspiring pet owners to consider adopting new pets rather than purchasing them from breeders or pet shops. Not only will you receive a loving, loyal animal that’s long been waiting for a permanent home, but you’ll also be helping rescue organizations accommodate more cats and dogs in need.

Preparing your home to welcome a shelter animal, whether permanently or as part of a fostering program, can also be an extremely meaningful experience. Make sure you have dedicated food and water bowls set aside for your new pup to help them feel at home. Procuring personalized items you’ve had made just for them, such as custom dog beds or personalized puppy blankets, is another great way to help a shelter dog settle in.

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