Airvet 2023 Employee Survey Recommends Employers Take More Measures to Support Pet Parents

Airvet 2023 Employee Survey Recommends Employers Take More Measures to Support Pet Parents

Puppies are known for making the world swoon by simply being the tiny bundles of joy that they are. Cute, small, and playful, puppies give us plenty of reasons to love them—and there’s no better day for showing our appreciation than National Puppy Day.

Celebrated every March 23, National Puppy Day is meant to raise awareness about puppies’ right to humane treatment. Established in 2006, the holiday was originally intended to shed light on the plight of puppies in puppy mills.

From spoiling your fur baby to adopting a new puppy, there are various ways to celebrate this paw-tastic holiday. In Central Florida, for example, you can participate in “pet sleepovers” or foster a shelter pup from Orange County Animal Services. You can also donate food to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (PAGO), an animal welfare organization that manages a food pantry for fur babies in need. According to, PAGO accepts items for dogs and puppies, including kibble and wet food.

Aside from the Orlando-based organizations mentioned previously, your area may also have its own groups dedicated to the welfare of four-legged pals. If you’re not ready to commit to a new puppy, you may want to volunteer at a local shelter or pet rescue center. There, you can participate in a wide range of activities, from walking dogs to comforting anxious pups. Overall, volunteering is a great way to embody the spirit of National Puppy Day and make a difference in a fur baby’s life.

Spoil Your Puppy with Treats and Quality Time

With all that said, you can also celebrate National Puppy Day by spending quality time with your own fur baby. Perhaps you can spend a whole day with your pup at a nearby park, playing and taking in the fresh air. To make the experience even more enjoyable for your pup, you may want to invest in pet merchandise such as wholesale dog toys for playing fetch. You could also invest in your pup’s wardrobe with items such as custom dog collars and a personalized dog coat for taking your daily walks in style.

If you want to celebrate by indulging your puppy, you can drop by pet resorts with doggy swimming pools, lots of toys, or possibly even pet massages. You can also visit your local dog bakery for some sweet treats for your pup, or maybe get them to a groomer for a much-needed trim. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, what matters is that you understand why puppies deserve good treatment and that you take action to achieve that goal.


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