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Target The Millennial Market

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Target The Millennial Market

A common theme in millennials is that some are now choosing to have pets over having kids. According to Pet Business, millennials make up $67 billion dollars of annual pet industry sales. It has become extremely clear that dog owners, especially millennials, are treating their pets like children, and giving them the best care possible. Millennials will spend on average $2,000 on medical bills for their pet, and one in ten people will even spend up to $10,000 at the vet. As a whole, Americans spent $17 billion a year on health care for their pets in 2017, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Millennials make up a huge chunk of the total pet spending, and if your brand has a desire to reach this target, talking to them via their pets is a smart move. As shown by the Millennial spending in the pet market, Millennials are willing to spend significant amounts on their pets’ happiness and wellbeing. Part of their pets’ happiness is due to spoiling their pets with gifts and accessories. Hitting targets where they already are is a key technique in increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Getting your brand tailored to these dog products will give you a good shot at reaching the Millennial target market.

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