5 Ways To Make Your Hotel Pet-Friendly

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5 Ways To Make Your Hotel Pet-Friendly

Since most people treat their pets like members of the family, many enjoy traveling with their furry companions. This explains why a lot of establishments have started opening their doors to pets, especially those in the hospitality industry. That being said, you might be considering turning your hotel into a pet-friendly one that will stand out amongst your competitors. 

However, before turning your hotel into a pet haven, it helps to consider the types of animals you’ll be welcoming into your establishment. Are you accommodating dogs, cats, or both? Small breeds or large breeds? Knowing this can help you better prepare for the needs of your target demographic. It also helps to create clear guidelines and pricing for interested pet owners, to avoid any potential misunderstandings when they book a room at your hotel. 

To create a great pet-friendly hotel, you must provide an enjoyable and convenient experience for both the animals and their owners. The best way to do this is by providing the right resources, services, and amenities that will make them feel cared for and attended to. If you’d like to know more about these important requirements, below are five tips to create the best pet-friendly establishment:

Provide a Spacious Outdoor Area

While you don’t need to have a giant park in your hotel, you should still provide pets with a secure outdoor area to stroll in. Many animals—especially dogs—need a proper space to play and freely do their business in. Providing pets with an outdoor area can also reduce messes inside your hotel. Of course, this space should still be properly maintained. To facilitate this process, you can give dog owners a customizable dog poop bag holder with disposable bags for easy waste cleanup. Don’t forget to include dedicated trash bins in the area for added convenience. 

Give Pet Gift Bags to Your Guests

Owners spend a lot of time packing the essentials that their pets need when traveling. To make their hotel stay more comfortable, you can offer them pet gift bags as part of their accommodation package. These gift bags can contain useful pet necessities, each one customized with your hotel logo for stronger brand recognition. 

For example, gift bags for dog owners can include goodies like leashes, travel bowls, and chew toys. If your hotel doesn’t permit pets on the beds, then providing a comfy dog bed is sure to please both owners and their pooches. As for cat owners, you can provide them with goodies like cat collars, cat treats, and catnip toys, to keep felines cozy and satisfied. 

Offer Special Pet Services

Offering special pet services in your hotel can help you stand out from other animal-friendly establishments. Although owners will need to pay extra fees to have access to these amenities, many will find that the convenience they offer is well worth it. 

For example, guests may want to spend some time exploring their travel destination, but not all places will welcome their pets. In these cases, offering a pet daycare service will allow your guests to leave their furry companions in the capable hands of professional caretakers. Your hotel can also offer dog walking services, so owners can take the time to relax at the hotel spa or try other activity offerings. 

Include Pet-Friendly Cuisine in Your Menu

Delicious food is an integral part of any great hotel, which means that pets should also get to enjoy some culinary delights. Although dry kibble is perfectly fine, having a gourmet pet menu will create a special dining experience for animals and their owners. For example, if your hotel offers cakes for dessert, why not offer some pet-friendly cupcakes as well? These are often made with honey, vegetables, fruits, and meats that are good for every furry companion. There are also a variety of gourmet dishes that you can serve to cats and dogs, like beef stews, meatballs, and rice dishes with fish. For canine guests, dog treats make a delicious appetizer before a meal. 

Create a Pleasant Environment for All Guests

The best pet-friendly hotels create a pleasant environment for all their guests, including those without pets. With that in mind, do make sure to create a set of guidelines for guests who plan on bringing their pets. This can include the appropriate protocols to prevent pets from making loud noises, so as not to disturb the other guests. It may also help to offer sound-proofed rooms for guests with pets, as an extra precaution. 

Creating special signs to hang on doorknobs will let hotel staff know which rooms have pets in them. You can also put up a printed form with details about a pet’s special needs, so staff is better equipped to assist their owners. 

Remember, a successful pet-friendly hotel pays attention to the needs of their guests, even the furry ones. By providing pets and their owners with the resources and amenities needed to stay comfortable, you’ll definitely build a loyal customer base. More than just welcoming pets, a good hotel makes sure that each stay is a memorable one, with specially-tailored experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. 

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