5 Thanksgiving Weekend Activities to Do With Your Dog

5 Thanksgiving Weekend Activities to Do With Your Dog

Many people go home to their families to celebrate Thanksgiving. Often, one highlight of the celebration is gathering and feasting on scrumptious dishes like roast turkeys and pumpkin pies. Some individuals also enjoy watching parades and attending football games during this time. However, these activities may not be safe or fun for your dog.

Some dishes served during Thanksgiving, for example, may contain ingredients that are harmful to your pet. Also, your dog might get overwhelmed by the loud noises and cheering while watching parades or sports games on the TV. If this happens, your furry friend can become hyperactive or show aggression. Fortunately, there are other activities both you and your dog can look forward to doing on Thanksgiving.

From taking advantage of the cool fall weather with some outdoor activities to staying cozy and cuddling at home, here are some Thanksgiving weekend activities you can do with your dog:

Go on a Hike

Since winter is still a few weeks away, the weather should still be warm enough to engage in some outdoor activities like going on a hike with your dog. Be sure to pick a pet-friendly trail your dog can handle. If this is the first time you’re taking your dog for a hike, begin with a flat, paved, and short trail so you don’t over-exert your pet.

Also, pack some doggie essentials like a customizable eco-friendly travel dog bowl and some bottled water so your dog can drink whenever they need to. Bring some poop bags too, so you can easily clean up after your dog if they go potty during the hike.

Enjoy Some Outdoor Games

Aside from going on a hike, there are other ways you can enjoy autumn’s cool weather and the falling leaves in your backyard. You can put a fun twist on the classic game of hide and seek by hiding tasty treats under the fallen leaves. Then, let your dog sniff their way into finding the treats.

If you want to make the game more suited to the season, consider hiding pet-safe Thanksgiving foods like apples and plain boiled or baked potatoes under piles of fallen leaves. You may also want to make several piles of fallen leaves and put yummy surprises under some of them, and watch your pet use their amazing sense of smell to identify which piles to dig into.

Take a Stroll before and after Dinner

Need to work up your appetite for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Use the opportunity to head outside and take your dog for a walk. A stroll around the neighborhood can help relax your dog so they won’t be tempted to beg for food while you dine. If you’re busy with preps and don’t have time for a pre-dinner walk, taking your dog for a walk after dinner is a great way to release any pent-up energy that your pet might have. As an added bonus, you can burn off some of the calories you gained from your meal. 

Even if you’re familiar with the neighborhood, keep your dog on a leash at all times. You never know what might cause your dog to get excited and cause them to run off. By using a durable leash, you can keep your pet secure and under your control.

Stay Cozy Indoors

While having some outdoor fun is a fantastic way to spend your Thanksgiving weekend, you also need to relax and recharge. Consider sleeping in and cozying up with your pup indoors. It’s up to you how you want to spend your lazy day together, but one idea is to have a movie marathon of your favorite holiday films while you enjoy some hot cocoa or tea. Just be mindful of your drink to make sure your dog doesn’t reach it. 

Make your time together more memorable by wearing matching pajamas. Take a few photos as a memento or post them on your social media profile. They’ll also make for a cute and creative way to greet your online friends with a happy Thanksgiving.  

Host a Thanksgiving Feast for Your and Your Pet’s Friends

If you can’t go home to your family for Thanksgiving or want to have another celebration with friends who live nearby, invite them over for a Friendsgiving dinner. Include your friends’ pets in the invitation and make the preparation fun and easy by having a potluck feast. You can also encourage your guests to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish to share with everyone.

Remember to prepare and set aside some pet-friendly food for your dog and their furry friends so they can have their own feast. Some pet-safe Thanksgiving food you can serve them includes turkey meat without skin or bones, plain sweet potatoes, and pumpkin.

Thanksgiving is a holiday best spent with your loved ones, and that includes spending some quality time with your pup. Make sure to schedule some pet-friendly activities that your dog can enjoy and to consider their needs when preparing your holiday meal. Keep things safe and fun for both you and your canine friend so you can look forward to a memorable Thanksgiving weekend together.

Photo by June O on Unsplash