5 Rules Of Etiquette When Shopping With Your Dog

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5 Rules Of Etiquette When Shopping With Your Dog

Many pet parents like taking their pets everywhere, including shopping malls. It’s a fantastic way to deepen their bond and get their pets acquainted with different places and people. However, even pet-friendly shops and malls are filled with various stimulants that can excite even the most well-behaved dogs.   

The different sounds and scents can cause them to bark, attempt to run off or chase after other people. While this kind of behavior is normal for dogs, it can be bothersome and terrifying for people who aren’t very fond of canines. 

If you’re a responsible pet parent who wants to enjoy a hassle-free shopping trip with your dog, it helps to follow some basic rules of etiquette. In this way, you can ensure you and your canine companion have a good time while also allowing others to do the same.

Secure Your Pet with a Leash at All Times

When you’re shopping with your dog, make sure to keep them leashed at all times. It will help you better control your pup and prevent them from straying. Even if your dog is trained to follow your voice commands, you still need to keep them leashed at all times so that you can maintain control even if something catches their interest and triggers the hunting instinct.

Also, a leashed dog can make other people feel safer. It’s important to remember that some people may dislike or be afraid of dogs, so keeping your pup on a leash can help keep everyone safe and secure. 

When it comes to securing your pet, it’s best to use a harness that you can properly attach a leash to. A traditional collar is effective in controlling your pup, but can hurt her throat if she pulls too hard. That’s why some pet parents prefer using a customizable step-in dog harness instead. This kind of harness is attached to the dog’s torso to remove unnecessary pressure on the dog’s neck, throat, and windpipe area. The leash is then clipped either on the back or front part of the harness. In this way, your pup can be more comfortable and you can still maintain good control of their movements.

Keep Your Dog Near You

When shopping with your dog, remember to keep them physically near you at all times. To do this, adjust their leash and hold them shorter than you might typically do. In case you need to use both of your hands to pay or hold purchases, set your dog’s leash on the floor and firmly step on it. This way, your pet has enough room to comfortably sit, stand or lie down, without being able to jump or wander around. Having your dog nearby also allows you to keep an eye on what they are doing and immediately intervene if they misbehave. 

Ask First If Dogs Are Allowed in the Premises

Before you take your pup for a day of shopping, remember to check with the stores you plan to visit if they allow dogs inside. Even if you go to a dog-friendly shopping mall, some shops may have different policies about pets. For example, stores that sell fragile items or have narrow aisles may ask you to leave your furry friend outside their store to minimize the risk of breakage or blocking the way of other customers. 

Clean Up After Your Dog

Even if you have a potty-trained dog, they can still have accidents. When this happens, make sure to clean up after your pet. Always bring some waste bags and wipes so you can easily clean up any messes your dog makes. Then, dispose of the used items properly so that they aren’t a health hazard to others. Apart from wiping floors clean, the wipes are very useful for when you need to give your pup’s paws a quick clean before they enter your vehicle so they don’t track dirt on the upholstery.

Cater To Your Dog’s Needs before Shopping 

Another preparation you need to do before leaving home is to take care of your pup’s needs first. This means feeding them, letting them get exercise and ensuring they relieve themselves before heading to the mall. It will help your pet feel more comfortable and make the experience more pleasurable for you.

If your canine companion has exerted most of their energy beforehand, they will be less likely to engage in bad behavior like barking or chewing on sale displays. When your pet feels full, they won’t get easily distracted by scrumptious scents from nearby restaurants or resort to stealing other people’s food. By making sure your dog has been able to pee and poop before going to the mall, you can reduce the chances of any potty-related accidents.

Going shopping with your dog is a fun way to bond with your pet, but it’s important to ensure that your pup remains safe and well-behaved so you don’t get stressed out. By observing these good etiquette rules, you can make all visits to your favorite shopping spots and other public spaces a pleasant experience for you, your pet, and the people you interact with. 

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