5 Pet Safety Tips to Remember This Summer Break

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5 Pet Safety Tips to Remember This Summer Break

Many people look forward to the summer season because the weather is perfect for different outdoor activities like hiking, swimming and going on picnics. And summer is also the best time to have fun under the sun with the whole family, including the furry members of your household. 

It may be a great idea to include your beloved canine companion in your family’s summer activities, you should also be aware of the risks. If your pup is playing off-leash, they might get overexcited, run off and get lost.

The heat can also become unbearable for them, so it’s best to keep dogs in the shade during especially high temperatures. Dogs who spend too much time under the sun can overheat and suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. At worst, overheating can cause dogs’ hearts to beat irregularly and lead to sudden death. 

If you want your summer break to be filled with fun and pleasant memories, remember to take precautions in every activity you do with your precious pup.

Here are safety tips worth remembering and practicing.

Don’t EVER Leave Dogs in a Parked Car

Even if you’ll be gone for a few minutes, never leave your dog inside a parked car. The temperature inside the vehicle can quickly rise and your dog can develop heatstroke or suffocate while inside. In the worst cases, pets can die due to the heat, and this can happen even if the weather isn’t too hot. In 70-degree-Fahrenheit weather, the temperature inside the car can reach 100 degrees in just 20 minutes. On an extremely hot day, this number can increase up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in just under an hour. 

In addition to not leaving your dog inside a parked car, make sure they’re safe while the vehicle is moving. Get your pets customizable dog car seat belts and keep them buckled in for the ride. Using this pet accessory ensures your pup stays in their seat as one end clips to your dog’s collar while the other end clips to the car seat buckle. It also prevents your dog from being thrown forward and hitting the windshield in case of sudden stops.

Always Have Fresh and Clean Water Available

Dogs need to drink water to cool themselves down and replenish lost liquids. If you want your dog to avoid overheating, remember to regularly give him fresh, clean water, both at home and outside. When you’re out having fun with your furry friend, bring bottled water and a collapsible pet bowl so your dog always has access to clean drinking water.

At home, keep their water bowl filled and change the water often to keep it fresh and cool. By providing your dog with cool water, they can stay hydrated and comfortable throughout the hot summer day.

Don’t Force Your Dog To Go Swimming 

Summer is the ideal season for swimming at the beach or in the pool. And if you’re like many pet parents, you’ll want to share the fun experience with your four-legged friend. However, keep in mind some dogs aren’t fond of swimming or may not be strong swimmers. At times, pets can be too scared to jump into the pool. If this is the case with your pup, don’t force them to get into the water. 

On the other hand, if your dog appreciates a refreshing dip, never leave them unattended while they are swimming. They might not be able to get out of the pool on their own or encounter issues that can cause them trouble in the water. Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, putting a life vest on him will help ensure he's safe in the water.

Secure Your Dog with a Leash

Another fantastic activity a lot of people enjoy doing during summer is hiking. With the pleasant weather, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy nature, explore different areas and get some exercise. If you like taking your dog along on a trail, make sure to keep them leashed at all times. Even if the park allows pets to go off-leash, make sure to secure them with a sturdy dog leash so you can easily pull them away from any dangers you might encounter. 

Also, keeping your dog on a leash ensures they won’t wander off. Your pet might hear a strange sound or spot a wild animal that they want to chase. If you don’t want your pet to get lost, it’s best to keep them leashed.

Keep Your Pet’s Paws Cool

The ground can quickly heat up during summer. Being on the ground can increase your dog’s body temperature and lead to overheating. Also, your dog’s paws can burn from the hot surface. If you regularly take your four-legged pal outside for walks, do it in the early morning and during the late afternoon instead when the ground is cooler.

Summer is the ideal season to spend time outdoors with your entire family, which includes your beloved furry member. However, the heat can be harmful to your canine companion so make sure to follow these safety recommendations. By taking the necessary precautions, you and your dog can have a safe and memorable summer break.

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