5 Must-Haves For Your Dog’s Wardrobe

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5 Must-Haves For Your Dog’s Wardrobe

As a dog parent, you might find yourself browsing through aisles of clothes for your pooch. They’re cute, and your dog would look even cuter in it. But you might also be worried they're unnecessary. Some dog parents believe there’s no point in dressing up pet dogs, while others do it merely to enhance their dogs' looks. In reality,  some dog clothes really are essential and helpful for dogs. 

Factors like cold weather, rainy season and even loud noises during the holidays can affect your dog’s comfort and peace, so wearing clothes can help them during these times. And not only are these clothes functional, but some may even be designed to make your pooch look fashionable. If your dog isn’t averse to being dressed up, then stock up on these five must-have pieces for your dog’s wardrobe.

 Sweater, Hoodies or Jackets

Dogs like to spend time outside. Whether for exercise or a quick stroll to do their business, you and your pooch will eventually face all kinds of weather. If you live in a state with colder temperatures, it's best to always have a sweater, hoodie, or jacket on hand for your dog. 

For smaller dogs and senior dogs, regulating their body temperature can be difficult so keeping warm should be your number one priority if they have to go outdoors. Customizable full zip dog hoodies can keep them warm while allowing them to enjoy playing outside during the fall or winter months. Jackets or padded coats are also recommended for snowy weather because they provide more warmth. 

Sweaters and hoodies aren’t only useful for colder temperatures, but they’re also practical for preventing skin cancer on lighter-skinned dogs. As sweaters can cover almost their entire body, wearing this garment offers them protection against sun exposure. 


As a fur parent, chances are, you’ve walked your dog in the rain. While you and your pooch may have had fun, the clean-up process might not have been so easy. Dogs instinctively shake their bodies to get rid of water on their fur so if you don’t want your home to get soiled after a walk, it’s a good idea to invest in some rainy day gear for your pup. 

Raincoats are a good solution to this problem. They come in different designs and work well to protect your dog from getting wet. Unlike holding an umbrella over your dog as it walks, the raincoat allows your pooch to move freely without you needing to keep up. Aside from keeping them dry during their walks, your dog is less likely to stink, as the raincoat prevents their fur from getting damp and dirty. With a raincoat, you can lessen the clean-up process and save you and your furniture from getting muddied. 


Aside from being fashionable pieces and coming in numerous designs, t-shirts for dogs have their uses as well. One of the most practical reasons to own a shirt for your dog is to protect them from UV rays while they are outdoors. Sweaters can make dogs overheat during the summer weather, so shirts are better if you want to lessen your pooch’s sun exposure. 

While a regular shirt can offer moderate sun protection, you can also choose a top made of specialized material to help your pup stay cool and comfortable during warmer weather. Some clothes are even optimized for beaches, with a layer of waterproof material to keep your dog’s fur from getting wet completely. 

Another use for a shirt is to help control your dog’s shedding. It doesn't matter how many times you brush your dog’s coat—shedding is a natural process and will occur more frequently during the hotter seasons. High-quality t-shirts lined with fleece can help keep fur adhere to the inside of the shirt instead of scattered about in your home. 


Booties are great for all seasons and essential for any weather. Whether it’s raining, too cold or too hot, booties for dogs can protect their feet during your walks outside. 

Booties, much like shirts, are also made with various materials, depending on the specific use you might have for them. You can choose a rubber sole if you want to keep your dog’s paws from burning on the pavement or a design with a thick lining if you are walking in the snow. Booties also protect paws from broken glass, sharp stones, and other harmful objects that your dog can encounter during walks. 

If you’ve never used booties for your furbaby, keep in mind that your pet is not used to wearing such items and will walk funny for a while. Help them get used to it by regularly taking them out on a walk with their booties on. 


Unlike other pet clothes, dog vests usually have specific practical functions. Two of the most common vest types are anxiety vests and cooling vests. While not all dogs will need them, having these can come in handy during specific situations. 

Anxiety vests are helpful when dogs become anxious. They may be uncomfortable during events with loud noises, like a fireworks display. Having strangers in the house or going to a vet visit can also cause anxiety for dogs. To calm them down, you can use an anxiety vest, which works by wrapping around a dog’s torso. It applies a bit of pressure, like a hug, which gives the dog comfort. 

On the other hand, cooling vests are good to have in the summer. For dogs with longer, thicker fur, staying cool might be a problem. These vests are made from material that is designed to help your dog cool down. Some vests may even be submerged in water or require freezing to create a cooling effect. Whatever the cooling method, make sure the material is appropriate for your dog’s fur type. 

Just as humans wear clothes for protection and comfort, dog apparel is also designed to serve important functions. Not only will these clothes make your dog look cute, but they can help them stay comfortable as well. You don’t need an expansive wardrobe for your pup but consider shopping for these five essential pieces to keep your pooch stylish and healthy. 

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