5 Benefits of Traveling with a Puppy Purse

5 Benefits of Traveling with a Puppy Purse

Being out and about with your pet can be a fun and fulfilling experience. It’s a great way for you to get errands done or to enjoy dining out while keeping your pup close by. However, small breeds like chihuahuas, toy poodles, and Yorkshire terriers can tire quite quickly. This is one of the many reasons why owners of small dogs find traveling with a puppy purse to be a practical and convenient solution.

A puppy purse is a type of bag or carrier for small dogs. It makes transporting your pet easier compared to a conventional dog crate. For example, a canvas pet carrying tote bag is made of lightweight yet sturdy materials to keep your pup comfortable and secure. Aside from convenience, using a puppy purse may be more beneficial for your pup’s health and safety. Here are five advantages to traveling with a puppy purse when you own a small dog. 

It Provides an Easy Way to Carry Your Dog

Whether you’re going to the vet or running some errands with your pet, using a puppy purse provides you with a more convenient way of traveling with your dog. It can be especially useful for transporting young puppies that can’t be walked on a leash yet. Keeping them in a purse is more secure than carrying them around in your arms. The carrier offers safe and stable transport, and it also keeps your hands free.

Even if you intend to keep your dog in your purse the entire time you’re out, make sure that they’re still wearing their dog collar with an identification tag. This helps to ensure that your pup will be returned to you in case they manage to get out of the purse and run off on their own.

It Helps Comfort Anxious Dogs

Although it’s common for some dogs to feel scared of loud noises and being around unfamiliar people or other pets, this unease can make it difficult to travel with them. If you have an anxious pup that you need to take to the vet or somewhere important, it’s a good idea to use a puppy purse instead of keeping them on a leash. Placing your pooch in a bag you can carry over your shoulder allows them to remain close to you. Being able to feel your body’s warmth can help your dog stay calm and feel safe, even if they’re in a new environment. 

If you want to provide additional comfort to your pup while you’re on the go, put one of their plush toys in the purse with them. The familiar scent and texture will help them feel at ease while moving around.

It Keeps Your Pooch Safe

Another benefit of traveling with a puppy purse is that it helps keep your pup safe, especially from larger dogs and other animals. While it’s ideal to let your pet wear a collar and a leash when you take them out, they might come across unfriendly animals that scare them. Having a puppy purse with you gives you the option to quickly scoop up your pup and place them inside the bag. There, they’ll feel safer, and you won’t have to worry about your fur baby becoming the target of someone else’s aggressive pet.

Additionally, a puppy purse can help you shield your dog from harsh weather. For example, carrying them in a purse on a rainy or snowy day keeps your pet protected from the elements. This is especially helpful if you have a short-haired pet like a chihuahua or a mini pinscher, as their coat might be too fine to keep them warm. If they stay out longer during cold weather, your dog might develop hypothermia.

You Can Walk Long Distances With Your Pup

While walking your dog ensures they get enough exercise to keep them healthy, most small dogs can’t walk long distances as well as larger dogs. When you have a puppy purse, you can let your pup walk as much as they can and then place them inside the bag once they get tired or need a break. This way, you can still get the long walk you need while your pup gets just the right amount of activity.

You Can Bring Your Pet to Public Spaces

One of the top benefits of traveling with a puppy purse is that it allows you to take your pet everywhere you go, including areas where pets aren’t normally allowed to enter. Although there are plenty of dog-friendly places, some businesses still don’t allow pets into the premises unless the dog is in a bag or carrier. This is usually the case for restaurants, malls, and shops selling fragile products. However, these establishments may be more willing to accept your furry friend as long as they remain in the carrier and do not disturb other customers.

Carrying a puppy purse may initially seem more cumbersome than simply putting a leash on your dog, but it can be the best way to travel with your small pet. Before getting a pet carrier, make sure to consult your veterinarian about the appropriate type that will best suit your dog’s size and breed. This way, you can be certain that your pup will be comfortable and safe inside the purse no matter where you take them. 

Photo by Brian on Unsplash  

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