4 Tips for Styling Your Dog’s Bandana

4 Tips for Styling Your Dog’s Bandana

Dressing up your dog is one of the best ways to flaunt your pet’s personality in the most adorable way. It can also give your dog a huge confidence boost because, when your fur baby is wearing a cute outfit, you can expect people to shower your pup with compliments. There are a ton of pet apparel options you can choose from, and each one adds a unique flair to your dog’s wardrobe. Dog bandanas, for example, are simple accessories that can effectively bring out your pup’s charm. They also have a handful of practical uses, like keeping your dog warm or cool, as needed.

Although putting a bandana on your dog looks easy, using the wrong bandana and styling method can cause discomfort. Follow the tips below to help you find the right type of bandana for your dog and how to put it on them correctly.            

Use the Right Sized Bandana

Dogs come in various sizes, so it’s important to use a bandana that fits your pup. Fortunately, customizable branded dog bandanas come in many sizes, so you won’t have any difficulties looking for a bandana that your dog will love. Most dog bandanas come with sizing labels, but if you want to be precise with the measurements, you can use this guide to get bandanas that are the perfect length for your pup:

  • Puppies and extra-small dogs: 16 inches
  • Small dogs: 20 inches
  • Medium dogs: 24 inches
  • Large dogs: 26 inches
  • Extra-large dogs: 29 inches

When your dog is sporting a bandana that’s perfectly sized to their body proportions, they’ll feel more comfortable, and their breathing won’t be obstructed.

Pick a Color That Best Represents Your Dog’s Temperament

Dog bandanas come in a variety of colors and designs, so it’s no surprise that dog owners use these dog accessories to dress up their fur babies. However, some people use dog bandanas to indicate their pup’s behavior or temperament. Solid-colored bandanas are used to signal if the dog is friendly and approachable, so other people will know if and how to engage with them. Here is a list of some commonly used dog bandana colors and their meanings:

  • Red: The dog isn’t fond of strangers and shouldn’t be approached.
  • Orange: The dog is okay with people but not with other dogs.
  • Green: The dog is friendly with people and other dogs.
  • Yellow: The dog is anxious and nervous, so they must be given some space.
  • Blue: The dog is a dog-in-training or a working dog.

It’s best to pick a color that best represents your pup’s temperament so that other people know what to expect beforehand. Your dog will also feel safer and more comfortable, especially if they don’t like being around strangers and other dogs.

Choose a Style Your Dog Is Comfortable With

Compared to other types of dog apparel, dog bandanas can be styled in a variety of ways. Since dog bandanas are basically large handkerchiefs, you can tie them any way you want to give your pup a one-of-a-kind look. Although it might seem fun to style dog bandanas freely, your pup might find some of your experimental styles uncomfortable. You also want to be careful about knotting the bandana in such a way that it doesn’t choke your dog. That’s why it helps to stick to these four common ways to tie a dog bandana:

  • The basic roll tie: Fold the bandana diagonally to create a triangle. Next, roll it up until its shape turns into a thin strip. Wrap the band around your dog’s neck and knot it, leaving the ends to dangle on their chest. Make sure that you can fit two fingers underneath the bandana to ensure your pup’s comfort.
  • The cowboy knot: Create a triangle with a square kerchief. Next, put the bandana around your dog’s neck and tie the ends together, keeping the knot on their back to achieve the signature cowboy look. On hot days, you can lightly dampen the front flap to help your dog keep cool.
  • The cape: The cape is basically the same as the cowboy knot, but instead of placing the flap on the front, it’s placed in the back. This style can be used to provide a bit of warmth to your pet on colder days.
  • The over-the-collar: There are two ways you can achieve the over-the-collar dog bandana style. The first is by folding the bandana around your dog’s collar to ensure a secure fit. The second is by using a special bandana that has a channel at the top to fit dog collars. Simply push the collar through this channel before putting the collar on your dog.

Get Bandanas in Different Styles and Designs

The great thing about dog bandanas is that they’re easy to maintain, so you can just have one and reuse it whenever you feel like giving your dog a quick, cute outfit. However, it’s more fun when you have several dog bandanas that come in different styles and designs. Having a diverse collection means that you can dress up your pup for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating the holidays or your pup’s birthday, you can rest assured that your fur baby will have a bandana that will complete their party look.


Putting a bandana on your dog is an easy way to dress up your pup without making them wear a full outfit. However, you need to style the pet accessory correctly to ensure that it isn’t causing your dog discomfort. Bear in mind that even though dog bandanas make your pup look cute, your fur baby might not be a fan of them. If you notice that your dog keeps trying to remove their bandana, it’s best to remove it so that your dog doesn’t accidentally hurt themselves in the process.

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