4 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Attached to Their Favorite Toy

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Attached to Their Favorite Toy

Pet owners enjoy giving their beloved canines toys to play with, especially when they see how much fun their dogs are having. If you’re a pet parent yourself, you’ve probably accumulated a collection of toys just for your pup. However, you may have also noticed that dogs have preferences for certain toys. In some cases, your dog may even have a favorite one that they’re very attached to.

There’s nothing wrong if your dog has a preferred toy, but you’ll need to prepare for when this favorite toy is due for replacement. Toys that have begun to rip or break can become a choking hazard and must be taken away from pets for their own safety. It would be good to have a plan in place to reduce your dog’s stress when this happens.

It can also be quite challenging if your pet becomes obsessed with an object they’re not supposed to play with, like your shoes or clothes. When this happens, you should be able to provide them with alternative chew toys so that they don’t destroy or hide your items.

Knowing why your dog prefers a particular toy over others will make it easier for you to shop for items that your pet will appreciate. To that end, here are the practical reasons behind why your dog has a favorite toy or item in your house:

1) The Toy Reminds Them of Your Presence and Gives Them Comfort

Similar to kids and their stuffed toys, some dogs like toys that feel comfortable to touch and are plush enough to snuggle with. Now, remember that dogs have a keen sense of smell.

It’s possible that the toy your pup likes carries your scent or that of the members of the family. Whenever they keep it close, your dog may feel a sense of connection with you. It can be one of the reasons your dog is so attached to the custom dog toy you bought on a whim, as it makes them feel safer during stressful situations such as when there’s a thunderstorm. Holding onto their toy can be your pup’s way of overcoming distress or reinforcing a positive emotion.

2) The Toy Feels Good in Their Mouth

In some cases, you’ll see dogs that like to carry their toys around. They may be doing this because the toy has a particular texture that feels good in the pet’s mouth. When your pup is teething, for instance, chew toys can be particularly appealing to them.

It’s worth noting that dogs can be rough on their chew toys, too. Make it a point, then, to buy chew toys that are made of sturdy material such as silicone, rubber, or nylon. This way, they are unlikely to break apart and become choking hazards for your pet.

At the same time, closely inspect the components of the chew toys to make sure that there are no parts that can suddenly break away from the main body. In addition, get toys that are free from sharp edges, which can injure your dog’s mouth or damage their teeth.

3) The Toy Serves as a Source of Stimulation

Just like people, many dogs find their toys to be a source of physical and mental stimulation. On top of this, your dog may take the presence of a toy as an indicator that they’re about to play, explore, and exercise. This gives them a chance to act on their natural instincts in a manner that they enjoy and that you approve of.

Dogs have different ways of having fun, and this can be influenced by their breed. For example, terriers and shepherds may prefer retrieval games involving frisbees and tennis balls, in part, because their ancestors functioned as hunting and herding dogs. On the other hand, English and French bulldogs might be more than happy to engage in a simple game of tug of war. This type of game is perfect for their powerful jaws and muscular bodies, and it won’t require them to run around too much since they get tired quickly.

4) The Dog Considers the Toy Their Territory

Dogs can be territorial creatures, and their attachment to their favorite toys can be a manifestation of this territorial instinct. It’s possible that your dog sees their toys as their possession, and their affinity for their toys can be their way of asserting ownership and control over what they consider to be theirs. This can be a common occurrence in households with multiple dogs, where other resources are shared.

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