4 Practical Reasons to Dress Up Your Pup

4 Practical Reasons to Dress Up Your Pup

Many pet parents enjoy dressing up their dogs to make them extra adorable. It’s also one way they can make their furry friend look more distinct and stand out from other pets, especially when they’re out and about. If you’re a doting dog owner, you may have already bought your furry friend different types of dog apparel such as customizable dog hoodies, shirts, jerseys, coats, bandanas, or similar accessories in various designs and colors. But in case this is the first time you’re dressing up your pup, make sure to be extra discerning about the doggie clothes you buy. 

When picking dog apparel, focus on what would fit best with your pup according to their size and breed. Make sure your pet will feel comfortable while wearing the garment. It must not be too tight that it constricts their breathing or too loose that your dog can quickly rip off the fabric, which can become a choking hazard. These considerations help ensure your pet looks and feels good about what they’re wearing.  

Apart from aesthetic purposes, dressing up your pup has practical applications, too. If you’re still wondering why you should dress up your pet, here are the top four reasons why making your dog wear clothes is a good idea.

To Protect Your Pup from the Cold  

One of the top reasons to dress up your beloved pup is to keep them warm during the winter months. Some dogs are better at coping with the cold, while others need a bit of help by wearing a dog jacket. For example, a whippet is a dog breed that has a short and smooth coat. They don’t have thick fur to insulate their bodies, so making them wear jackets and hoodies is necessary to keep them warm. In contrast, breeds such as Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, and Chow Chows have thick and long coats that can warm them up even on the coldest days. That’s why they’re some of the most popular dog breeds in places where there is extremely cold weather. 

To Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

Aside from the cold weather, you can also use certain clothing items to protect your pup from the warm weather. Making your pet wear doggie bandanas, for instance, can keep your dog from getting sunburned. This pet apparel provides additional protection from the harmful rays of the sun while you’re frolicking on the beach or going hiking. While all types of dogs can benefit from wearing a bandana in the summer, it will be particularly useful for canines with white or light-colored coats as they’re more prone to sunburn than others.

Additionally, you can use the doggie bandana as a way to cool off your pup during an extra hot day. Simply soak the fabric in cold water and tie it around your dog’s neck with the larger part covering their torso. This can help cool your dog down as the water evaporates from the fabric.

To Help an Anxious Pup Feel More Secure

If your pet is a shy or easily-scared pup, dressing them up may help them feel more confident. Some common reasons dogs become anxious or stressed are due to abandonment, fear of being home alone, or being terrified of loud noises. If you want to encourage your shy pup to get out of their shell, you can make them wear a doggy t-shirt or bandana. These items provide constant mild pressure on your dog’s body, which imitates the sensation of being hugged or held. This can help them calm down and feel more secure in their surroundings.

When dressing up shy or anxious dogs, make sure to introduce the item gradually so that they feel more at ease with wearing the dog clothes. Also, you can use positive association to train your pet to wear different clothing items. Each time your dog tries on a new piece of clothing, hand them a treat or two. If they’re still scared, however, don’t force them to wear the clothes. 

To Keep Pets Safe during Evening Strolls

Dressing up your furry friend can help make them more visible, which is especially helpful if you often take them out for an evening stroll. You can make them wear reflective bandanas or brightly-colored clothes so that motorists, cyclists, and other pedestrians recognize your dog’s presence on the road. This way, you can avoid roadside accidents.

Apart from helping to keep your pet safe at night, letting them wear clothes can help you spot them more easily in case they wander off. Since they’re wearing clothes, you may be able to quickly see your pet even if their fur blends with the environment. This gives you better chances of getting reunited with your precious pup faster. 

Dressing up your furry pet is an effective way to make them look more attractive. It also serves practical purposes that support your pet’s health and safety. While your pup probably doesn’t need a full wardrobe, consider getting them an outfit or two to suit different situations. Dress them up accordingly, ensure that they are comfortable, and enjoy the added cuteness that these clothes give to your beloved furbaby.

Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash