4 Essential Tips for Raising a Happy and Healthy Pup

4 Essential Tips for Raising a Happy and Healthy Pup

Puppies are adorable creatures and very fun to have around due to their playful demeanor. They also make great companions since they provide unconditional love to their owners, especially when the pets themselves are happy and healthy. This means your four-legged pal should be getting proper nutrition, exercise, and ample socialization opportunities. Your dog should also have a safe space where they can rest comfortably. 

If you want to nurture the bond between you and your pup from the day you take them home until they become adult dogs, make sure to take good care of their overall well-being. From keeping your pets healthy physically to ensuring they feel loved and secure, here are some things you must take note of as a responsible pet parent. 

Ensure Your Pup Gets Regular Exercise

Walking your dog is an important activity that needs to be done every day. Even a 30-minute walk daily is beneficial for your pup’s overall well-being. Walking your dog strengthens their bones and muscles. The physical activity also helps maintain their weight and prevents them from becoming obese. In addition to the physical health benefits, dogs who get regular exercise are happier, too. Walking your dog exposes them to different sights, sounds, and smells. This helps stimulate their minds and relieves their stress. Compared to canines that get proper exercise, dogs that are just kept indoors can become frustrated or hyperactive as they don’t have a release for their pent-up energy.

When taking your dog out for walks, make sure to always keep them leashed so you remain in full control. A leash will prevent them from running off, getting lost, and being at risk for accidents. Start leash training early while they’re still a pup so that they become accustomed to walking with it. You can even start by training your pet to walk on a leash at home, so they can get used to the accessories while in a familiar environment. Doing this can build their confidence, which helps them be more comfortable in a highly stimulating setting, such as your neighborhood. As your pup grows, make sure to replace smaller collars and leashes and invest in sturdier customizable dog leashes that won’t easily break if they become excited and pull on the leash. 

Maintain a Consistent Feeding Schedule

Dogs need proper nutrients to stay healthy and happy. This is why you must give your pet the right kind and amount of dog food. You can consult your veterinarian on the type of food your pup needs depending on their breed, size, age, and physical activity. Once you know the best food to feed your dog, make sure to be consistent with the feeding schedule. Apart from the amount and type of food they consume, most puppies need to be fed twice a day at a 12-hour interval. If the time between meals is more than 12 hours, your pup’s stomach can become hyper acidic and they may experience nausea.

To ensure your pup has a healthy digestive system, keep a consistent feeding routine whether at home or outside. In case you’re bringing your pet on a trip, make sure to pack ample amounts of food and foldable travel pet bowls. This way, you can easily prepare their food anytime and anywhere with minimal cleanup.

Provide Your Pup a Safe Space to Rest

As a pet owner, you must ensure your dog is safe from heat, cold, rain, and wind by giving them a comfortable place to rest and sleep. If your pet stays outdoors, make sure that their area is safe and secured from the elements. If you don’t have a backyard or want a designated spot for your pup inside the house, letting your pet stay in a crate is a good idea. To make the crate cozy for your precious pup, place soft fluffy dog blankets inside the crate. Snuggling in the dog blankets while inside the crate can help your pup feel secure when they feel scared during loud thunderstorms or fireworks displays.

Get Your Pup Comfortable Around Other People

Often, dogs become fearful and aggressive if they don’t get adequate socialization as puppies. So if you want your pup to be at ease in different scenarios, early socialization is key to raising confident and well-behaved dogs. To ensure your pup grows up happy and confident, introduce them to people of different ages and appearances. Allowing your dog to meet all kinds of people teaches them to stay calm and confident when encountering strangers. However, before going on an outing to meet different people or fellow doggies, make sure your pup has received and completed their vaccines to protect them from catching viruses from other animals.

Additionally, expose your dog to unfamiliar surroundings and different surfaces like pavements, tiles, and grass. You can also bring your pup to pet-friendly stores or restaurants. Also, let your pup get used to objects that easily frighten them such as canes, hats, strollers, bikes, and skateboards. When they encounter things that normally scare them, turn it into a positive experience by giving your pup praises or treats. Doing this can help them overcome their fears and make them more confident about going ou.

Pet parents will tell you that one of their greatest sources of joy is their dogs. If you want to experience something similar with your new furry friend, make sure to consider these tips for raising a happy and healthy pup. It will ensure you have a positive relationship with your pet from the time you get them as adorable puppies until they grow into beloved members of your family.