4 Beach Activities to Enjoy With Your Pup

4 Beach Activities to Enjoy With Your Pup

If you enjoy taking your beloved pups on outings, consider taking them to the beach. There, you and your pet can enjoy the salty breeze and cool sea water. Letting your pet walk through the sand is also one way to introduce them to another type of surface. Aside from the natural elements your dog can explore, the beach provides an expansive play space for you and your furry friend. 

There are many activities your pet can engage in while at the beach, such as taking a refreshing dip or going for a leisurely walk by the shore. Playing games will also help expel the energy of the most hyperactive pup, so they can feel more satisfied and calm afterward. Whether you want to have a relaxing time or an action-filled trip, here are some fun beach activities you can enjoy with your precious pup.

Play Fetch

If the beach isn’t too crowded, playing a game of fetch is a great activity to do with your pup. Typically, pet owners use a ball for this activity, but the soft sand won’t allow it to bounce and travel long distances. If you want something that’s designed specifically for your dog’s comfort and offers more of a challenge, a customizable dog frisbee rope toss toy is a fantastic choice. Frisbee rope toss toys have a closed rope loop, which is held in a circular shape by a nylon fabric at the center. They can be used just like plastic frisbees. Simply throw the toy in the direction you want your dog to head, let them catch the toy, and encourage them to bring it back to you. Compared to plastic frisbees, frisbee rope toys are softer and gentler on your four-legged friend’s mouth. They also weigh less than plastic ones, which makes the toys easier for your dog to catch.

Alternatively, your pup will have just as much fun retrieving a tennis ball toy. Most of these ball toys also come in a vibrant yellow-green color, so your dog can quickly spot them on the beach. The rope attachment also makes this toy easier to pick up for dogs with smaller muzzles who may not be able to fit a ball in their mouth.

Let Your Pup Find Buried Treasures

Another sand-related activity your pup will have fun with is letting them dig. It’s a great way to keep them entertained at the beach. You can demonstrate spots they can dig through by marking them with a toy or a flagpole. While your pup is preoccupied, bury one of their favorite toys in an easy-to-recognize spot. Then, encourage them to dig and find the “buried treasure”. You can join in on the fun and give your furry friend clues, then make sure to reward them with a treat once they retrieve the object.

You can do this activity multiple times for as long as your pup remains energetic. Do allow for breaks in between digs so your dog can rest and drink water. Wait until they’re distracted and bury the toy again. If your dog is tired and no longer shows interest, make sure to dig up their toy and not leave it on the beach. 

Go Swimming

Complete your beach trip with a dip in the water. Even if your pup is a strong swimmer, make them wear a properly-fitting dog life jacket to keep them safe from drowning in case they get tired of swimming. Also, attach a long leash to your pup’s life vest so you can quickly pull them back to you if they go to the deeper parts of the water. This also ensures that you can bring your pup safely back to the shore if the waves become too strong for both of you.

When going for a swim, remember not to force your pet to get in if they don’t want to, as this can instill a fear of water. Instead, gently guide them into the water. If they’re still uncomfortable, you can stay by the shore and just let their feet get used to water splashing on their legs while their paws can still feel the sand. Once you and your pup are done playing in the water, rinse their coat thoroughly because prolonged exposure to salt water and sand can irritate your pup’s skin.

Take A Stroll

If you simply want to enjoy the scenery, you can get a full view of your location by taking a stroll on the beach. This is a great way to let your dog explore their new surroundings and sniff to their heart’s content. Make sure to keep them leashed while strolling on the beach. It will help you manage your pet better and reduce the chances of your dog running off too far, which can lead to your pup getting lost or injured. Also, keeping your pet leashed ensures your canine companion won’t scare off other beachgoers.

When going for a stroll, remember to bring bottled water for yourself and your pet. Also, pack a collapsible dog bowl so you can give your dog fresh water and stop them from trying to drink seawater. Additionally, keep your pup protected from sunburn. Consult your vet for the best sunscreen for your pup and how to properly use it. 

The beach is a great destination for dog owners and their precious pups. Whether you have an energetic or easy-going dog, these activities can help them stay entertained and allow you to appreciate the beautiful surroundings. Engaging in these activities also helps you create new memories with your beloved pet.

 Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash  

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