10 Tips for Organizing a Doggy Sports Day with Your Friends

10 Tips for Organizing a Doggy Sports Day with Your Friends

Dogs and sports have gone together ever since our early ancestors started having dogs to accompany them on hunts. Granted, not every pup is all that eager to play ball, but things might be different if they’re in a group of other humans and dogs whom they trust.

If you’re game to have your dog as interested in sports as you are, and if you have several dog owner friends who might think the same way, a sports-themed doggy social might be the answer. You can meet up to cheer for your favorite local team or engineer a group playdate that riffs off of your favorite sports, like basketball or American football. Use these tips to help ensure your doggy sports day’s success:

1) Accommodate Fellow Four-Legged Sports Fans

Doggy sports days are not just about sports. They’re not even about just your dog. They’re about camaraderie, team spirit, and having friends of all species join in the fun. Finding a time and venue that works for everyone can be a lot of work, so make sure to plan and send invites out well in advance of the big day.

2) Check Playdate Compatibility

Though fun for the most part, doggy sports days can be an ordeal for old, sick, and anxious dogs. When inviting other dogs, consider factors like size, age, and temperament to minimize the risk of conflicts during playtime. For an even safer time, talk with your friends beforehand so that everyone’s dogs are matched with compatible playmates.

3) Bring Out Some Themed Toys

Your dog may like their regular toys for everyday use, but for a special sports day to be celebrated with other human or canine companions, why not go all out with sports-themed dog toys? These could be a great way to help you and everyone else involved get into the spirit of the event.

Dogs are extremely empathetic, and they’re going to be much more into playtime if they see that their humans are excited about it. Check out PrideBites’ selection of sports-themed dog toys to find a few things you, your friends, and your dogs might enjoy.

4) Dress for the Event

Likewise, dressing your dog in your favorite team's jersey or having them wear a bandana can help amp up your excitement, which should signal fun times for your fuzzy companion. If there’s a big game on, you can even coordinate outfits with your friends and their dogs to create a social media moment with loads of team spirit.

5) Prioritize Safety and Comfort

As the organizer, you’ll want to make sure that dogs attending the event are already properly socialized to prevent adverse incidents. Aim to keep all the dogs comfortable by planning out rest areas and providing enough water and breaks. Be prepared to adjust the activities if any of the dogs or humans start feeling any discomfort.

6) Choose a Dog-Friendly Venue

Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or heading to a local park to enjoy a game, you’ll need to make sure that the venue is dog-friendly and safe for off-leash play. Check venue regulations and homeowner’s association guidelines beforehand to avoid any surprises.

7) Keep Activities Structured

Structured activities like organized games will keep the dogs engaged and avoid awkwardly long downtimes. Contact nearby canine sports clubs and dog training facilities and ask if they can offer facilities and equipment for such activities. 

8) Don’t Plan an Overly Long Event

No matter how game dogs and their owners are in the beginning, things can change as the day goes on. To prevent unnecessary stress, don’t let the event run much longer than it has to. Try to be proactive and consider changing plans or ending early if someone is uncomfortable.

9) Prep Goodie Bags for Attendees

Goodie bags filled with treats, toys, and other doggy essentials are the perfect souvenirs for doggy sports days, encouraging more such events in the future. If you have time to prepare, get in touch with PrideBites to personalize toys and trinkets with each dog’s name.

10) Bake In Some Post-Event Relaxation

Lastly, don’t forget to include time for a relaxing cooldown session for the dogs in your event plan. If there are older dogs in the group, provide cozy dog blankets or cushions where elder pups can curl up and rest their bones.

Take Doggy Sports Day Up a Notch with PrideBites Custom Pet Gear

With these tips, your doggy sports day should be a hit among furry friends and their not-so-furry owners. You’ll make this one-of-a-kind day even more memorable with a selection of high-quality custom pet items from PrideBites. Personalize tags, toys, and bowls with the names of the participants to make the day truly unforgettable. Browse our catalog today and start a PrideBites design project for pet essentials in individual or wholesale quantities.