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Squirrel & Mailman Stocking Bundle


For some reason when a dog sees a little squirrel scuffling around or a mailman dropping off the mail they become insanely happy and excited. We wanted to create an awesome toy bundle that could also bring a thrill and joy to your dog every time they saw them. Meet Sadie the Squirrel and Larry the Mailman. They can play inside and outside, and can even float in the pool. They spend most of their time just squeaking around looking for precious acorns while your dog chases them around the house. If either gets dirty just throw it in with the laundry, because this holiday toy bundle is machine washable.


  • Squeaks - squeakers sewn into pouches connected to the toy for safety
  • Floats
  • Versatile - Indoor, outdoor
  • Interactive
  • Made of Durabite Fleece
  • 55 lb pull pressure
  • Soft foam stuffing
  • Vet approved

Squirrel & Mailman Stocking Bundle

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