Basic Bitch 3 Pack Dog Toys Squeak and Float. Machine Washable by PrideBites
Basic Bitch 3 Pack
  • Basic Bitch 3 Pack
  • Basic Bitch 3 Pack


Let's face it, while every dog is "special" they're really basic AF at heart. Our Basic Bitch 3 Pack will help them stay fresh in front of their friends and followers on Instagram and Snapchat. Just think about how much cooler they'll look at Coachella with these. Our toys squeak and float, and when they get dirty just throw them in with the laundry, because they're machine washable.


  • Squeaks - squeakers sewn into pouches connected to the toy for safety
  • Floats
  • Versatile - Indoor, outdoor
  • Interactive
  • Made of Durabite Fleece
  • 55 lb pull pressure
  • Soft foam stuffing
  • Vet approved

Basic Bitch 3 Pack


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