Tomlinsons Case Study

Why Create Custom Products?

  • Increase margins by buying direct

  • Spread brand awareness

  • Offer products your customers have been craving

  • Create exclusive designs for your store

More about Tomlinson's Feed

Tomlinson's Feed is a 14 store pet retailer located mainly in Austin, Texas. If you didn't already know, Austin is known for their live music scene and "Keep Austin Weird" mantra. Tomlinson's used our ability to customize pet accessories in order to create products that they knew their customers would love. They created some pawsome toy designs including a guitar with a Texas flag on it and a tie die toy in the shape of Texas with the tagline "Keep Austin Pets Weird". These toys have been a hit with their customers allowing them to reorder more multiple times.

Tomlinson's also noticed that poop bags were one of their top selling items. We created a fully white labeled line of Tomlinson's poop bags that allowed them to increase their margin on each order and spread their brand awareness. They even created a custom bone toy with "Tomlinson's Feed" branding to use as a promotional item at events around town.

What did Tomlinson's Feed Create?

Custom Texas Toy

Custom Guitar Toy

Custom Branded Poop Bags

Promotional Custom Bone Toy

Hear What Tomlinson's Is Barking

“PrideBites supplies us with a product that’s fully our brand, down to the packaging it comes on. Their pricing is such that we can offer everyday items like our house-branded poop bags for less than competing products, while still maintaining a strong margin.”

Kate C. Tomlinson's

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