Custom Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Cover

Ever wanted to go for a joy ride with you pup, but didn’t want to get your seats dirty, have to deal with shedding or the smell of dog on your leather seats? PrideBites has the solution for you... Car Seat Covers! The cover will fit perfectly over the back seat of your car. With cutouts for seat belt buckles and straps that can hang from the headrest of the front seats for optimal coverage, you can’t go wrong. The car seat cover can also be personalized with your dog’s name or photo! It is made out of a soft quilt fabric that is water resistant, durable and most importantly machine washable!

Water-resistant / Breathable quilted material / Installs easily to front and rear headrests / Convenient Seat Belt Opening / Machine Washable

Choose Your Cover

Select a Color and Personalize For Your Pooch

“My car has never been cleaner or cuter.”
“I love how soft the material is. My dog loves it!”
“It’s so easy to take on and off, and it truly stays in place.”

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