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The Eco Friendly Dog Leash

Our eco friendly dog leash is the perfect accessory mad with sustainable material for your dog loving customer who has a green thumb.
- Made with RPET material
- Heavy-duty stitching
- Features a padded handle for comfort
  Small Medium Large
Length 4'/6' 4'/6' 4'/6'
Width 5/8" 3/4" 1"
Thickness 0.1" 0.1" 0.1"
50 / 100 / 250 / 500 Units per size
*If only ordering one size, the MOQ is 100 units.
Free upon request with order
4-6 Weeks

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Mandatory leash laws in the United States make dog leashes an essential accessory for both owners and their pups. These items help pet parents maintain control over their canine companions outdoors, preventing said fur babies from running off and pouncing on other people or their pets. Why not let your customers guide their pets in style by providing them with an excellent leash? We at PrideBites can help with that, too. Our leashes are made with the same highly durable nylon that we use for all of our collar products. They’re also reinforced with heavy-duty stitching that prevents them from fraying, minimizing wear and tear. Read on to find out why and how to add them to your existing line of products. Most city environments and communities in the United States implement leash laws that require all dogs to be kept on leashes whenever they’re out on any public property. These ordinances are put in place to protect the public, keeping both owners and pups safe during their walks. More specifically, leashes give conscientious owners complete control over their pooches, preventing them from running off, attacking others, and other untoward occurrences. That being said, pet parents in your loyal customer base will surely appreciate high-quality leashes designed with your branding in mind. They’re made with an extremely durable nylon material that is further reinforced by heavy-duty stitching to withstand daily wear and tear. Affixed to one end is a secure metal clip that attaches easily to most standard D-rings. Meanwhile, the other end features a padded handle so that your customers can always walk their dogs in comfort. Put in an inquiry for our top-notch custom leashes today by filling out our contact form below.

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