Montauk Brewing Company
Case Studies

Montauk Brewing Company

The Idea
Since 1990, Amoeba Music has been the hub for independent music fans and lovers of all kinds of music. With locations in Berkeley, San Francisco and Hollywood the store stocks a variety of music and movies and boasts the “biggest, most diverse and affordable” selection of vinyl LPs and DVDs anywhere. Amoeba Music thrives because of the relationships they’ve fostered between customers, staff and the pet-loving community in the cities in which the stores are located.
The Procss
The store has a mission founded on bringing music and people together and making everyone feel at home. They heard from their loyal customers that “home” also meant opening the doors to their patron’s furry family members!
The Result
Amoeba Music is adapting to a new way to relate to its loyal following. The stores’ customers love to share photos of their dogs playing with or wearing the branded pet merch. Seeing all the Amoeba pets sharing in on the fun is priceless!

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