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Fire Hydrant

What are PrideBites made of?
  • We don’t know why exactly, but it’s clear that all dogs have an inherent love towards fire hydrants. Maybe its because they’re red. Maybe its because they smell like bacon. We’re not sure about that part, but none of us have ever put our faces close enough to tell. So as far as we know, it’s entirely possible. Either way, your dog loves a good fire hydrant, so let us introduce him to Harry. Harry the Fire Hydrant PrideBite dog toy is bursting with joy to be your dog’s new favorite toy. He doesn’t shoot out water, but he does squeak and float. When he gets too dirty don’t even worry, because Harry is machine washable.

  • • Squeaks - squeakers sewn into pouches connected to the toy for saftey
    • Floats
    • Versatile - Indoor, outdoor
    • Interactive
    • Made of Durabite Fleece
    • 55 lb pull pressure
    • Soft foam stuffing
    • Vet approved
    • Safe
  • • Tug of war
    • Fetch
    • Playing in water
    • Multiple dog playtime
    • Training tool
    • Indoor or outdoor fun

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